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Plastering Services

B&D Plastering provides the very best in professional plastering and rendering services. With many years experience across both domestic and commercial sectors, from a single room to commercial office complexes, we are specialists at what we do.

Our plastering services include:

Wall repair & plastering

Some wall repair can be achieved by hacking off the damaged plaster, then repaired with hardwall, bonding or sand & cement. Following that the wall can is plastered over for a smooth finish ready to be decorated. For wall repairs, our experienced team can pop round to assess the type of damage to offer the right solution.


Skim is another name for plaster. So we do 2 coats of skim/ plaster. When we plaster over existing wall surfaces we apply PVA and “over-skim” with multi-finish plaster. Our professional skimming provides a smooth finish surface ready for decorating. We also skim over existing Artex ceilings. Please contact us for quotations and availability.

Plastering over Artex

Over the years, Artex has become less and less popular. Removing unwanted Artex can be laborious and time consuming. At B&D; Plastering, we aim to make the process a breeze and breathe new life to your ceilings. We can bond over the Artex and apply a layer of smooth plaster for a smooth contemporary finish ready for decorating.

Ceiling repair & plastering

Ceilings can have a big impact on the whole room. At B&D; Plastering, we can handle all types of ceiling repairs. Ceiling repairs can sometimes be achieved by applying a coat of bonding and then plastered over or when necessary repairs can be corrected by boarding over. Other ceilings may need to be repaired by having a section cut out and replaced, or totally removed and replaced with plasterboard.

Dry Lining

Plaster boarding is the process of lining a wall or surface prior to decorating. Available in various thickness, types and size, Plasterboard is an extremely versatile material for internal layouts.
Plaster Boarding ceilings is used when a ceiling is damaged and perhaps needs boarding over. Plaster boarding can also be used if a ceiling needs taking down and replacing with plaster board and then plastered over. Plaster boarding can also be used for stud walls.

Some advantages of Plasterboard:
  • Much lighter and faster than brickwork
  • Faster installation time than traditional plastering techniques
  • Less drying time
  • Puts less loads on floors and foundations
Internal Rendering

Rendering will improve the weatherproofing and appearance of your walls. Rendering is the application of a premixed layer of sand and cement to brick, cement or stone. It is generally used on exterior walls but can be used to feature an interior wall. It is also used for damp problems when mixed with a water proofer.


Bonding is used during building and renovation projects and repairs to walls. Bonding is often used on ceilings as an undercoat to straighten out bumps.


Similar to bonding except hardwall offers a quicker drying surface and higher impact resistance. Hardwall is an excellent solution for damamged areas around the house to prepare ready for plastering.

Let’s discuss. Get a free quote

We always provide a no hassle, no stress quick quote for all projects. We can look at your budget and provide possible options and choices and will always try our best to match as closely to your budget. So don’t delay, call our expert team who are waiting and happy to advice.

Our step by step Damp proofing treatment:

Step 1:

We can test walls with a professional damp proof metre to locate the root of the damp.

Step 2:

Remove rendering back to the brickwork or stone face. Clean and wash surfaces to prevent salt contamination.

Step 3:

Installing chemical damp proof course (DPC’s) to prevent rising damp

Step 4:

Apply cement based tanking compound to prevent penetrating damp

Step 5:

Re-render with sand and cement with a water-proof additive.

If you are beginning to see signs of damp within your property or considering a basement extension and concerned about any possible damp proofing issues, don’t worry, B&D Plastering are here to help. Our expert and experienced team are at hand to identify, target the source, treat and provide expert advice on which, if any, tanking system is suitable for your property. So call us today.

Our Services

At B&D Plastering, we have built our reputation on providing clients with an unparallel service built around recommendation and word of mouth. From our specialist damp proofing to our condensation prevention services and plastering services to commercial projects, we always provide an outstanding service on budget and on time each and every time.

damp proof plastering

Damp Proofing

Whether it’s rising damp or penetrative damp, the consequences of untreated damp can be detrimental to your property as well as your health. Our specialist team have the know how to make your property damp proof ready.

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Condensation Prevention

Condensation Prevention

Condensation is by far the most common cause of the majority of damp related problems within a property. At B&D Plastering, we have an experienced team who provide solutions for the control and elimination of condensation.

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Specialist Damp Proofing, Condensation & Mould Prevention, All aspects of plastering and rending including reskimming of Artex ceilings, plaster boarding, bonding, hardwall, wall plastering, ceiling plastering and more

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