Damp Proofing

Without suitable damp proofing, excessive moisture can become a source of a wide range of problems for your property from minor issues such as spoiling paintwork to more serious issues such as the weakening of the property’s structure.

Perhaps even more than the damage caused to the property is the associated health problems that can occur from poorly protected homes and properties. These include respiratory infections, aggravate and trigger asthma and some allergic reactions.

Types of Damps

Rising Damp
Rising damp affects a building by rising up from ground level. Water from the ground gets absorbed through the building material, pushing all the way through the brick and mortar. The water itself is not necessarily the problem, but the salts and minerals contained in the water. These stay behind long after the water evaporates and can stain walls and absorb more humidity which increase the chances of damp and mould growth.

Typical symptons include:

Penetrating Damp
Penetrating damp occurs when moisture enters a building horizontally through the wall (e.g. rain penetrates the property’s wall through masonry). Another cause of penetrating damp is through an earth retaining wall, i.e. a wall whose exterior is below the ground level such as basements or sloped buildings.

Let us damp proof your property

At B&D Plastering, we have an experienced team who provide solutions for damp proofing to avoid major structural damage further down the line

Our step by step Damp proofing treatment:

Step 1:
We can test walls with a professional damp proof metre to locate the root of the damp.
Step 2:
Remove rendering back to the brickwork or stone face. Clean and wash surfaces to prevent salt contamination.
Step 3:
Installing chemical damp proof course (DPC’s) to prevent rising damp
Step 4:
Apply cement based tanking compound to prevent penetrating damp
Step 5:
Re-render with sand and cement with a water-proof additive.

If you are beginning to see signs of damp within your property or considering a basement extension and concerned about any possible damp proofing issues, don’t worry, B&D Plastering are here to help. Our expert and experienced team are at hand to identify, target the source, treat and provide expert advice on which, if any, tanking system is suitable for your property. So call us today.

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Specialists Damp Proofing

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